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We offer a large variety of pet vaccination packages. Even though our cost saving pet vaccination packages can be applied to the vast majority of english bulldog dressed up as a doctor or veterinarianpets, we still determine each individual pet’s needs with a physical examination and a good medical and a lifestyle history, to really determine which vaccinations are appropriate for that patient. The days of one pet vaccination program fits all, are over. True wellness consultation and evaluation involves individualizing each patient. We can easily modify our vaccination package to fit your pet’s particular situation.

Because of the complexity between species, age, medical history and lifestyle, it is very difficult to quote costs on this website.  We recommend that you call for more information, so you can talk directly with a live person who can answer your questions. Best of all, make an appointment and allow of our veterinarians to give your pet a thorough wellness evaluation and discuss your options.

New client?

Then what are you waiting for. We offer a free examination plus complimentary nail trim for new clients. All you need to do is fill out our new client form and bring in your discount coupon. We are confident that whatever vaccinations your pet may need, Animal Care Clinic of Largo will have the most affordable fees of all the other animal hospitals in Largo, Seminole or Clearwater.

Parasite Prevention

The three main areas of parasite prevention in Florida are of course heartworms, intestinal worms and fleas.Largo Veterinarian Deworming at Animal Hospital in Largo FL

Heartworm Prevention

Heartworm prevention is a mainstay for your pet’s wellness in Florida. If let go for too long, the heartworms will cause heart failure and treatment may be too late, plus it is expensive. Also, there is the discomfort and potential complications that the pet has to endure. Definitely, prevention of heartworm disease is a primary focus.

Intestinal Parasites

Intestinal parasites or worms are also a common problem in Florida. Roundworms, hookworms, tapeworms and whipworms are commonly diagnosed with proper testing. Again, based on the age, lifestyle and environment, it may be very difficult to avoid your pet becoming infested. The key here is to check on a regular basis for these parasites, so a severe infestation does not occur and cause illness. Also, with many of the products being used for heartworm prevention, they will also have some intestinal parasite control added.

Flea Control

If your pet has fleas it is likely that your home is affected as well.We will gladly assist you in the process of understanding the process of eliminating fleas in your and your pet’s environment. We have safe and effective flea prevention and medication.



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